Reclaim the Vote

The word VOTE in red and blue with red and blue stars

In 2019, the American Ethical Union (federation of Ethical Societies) passed a resolution on Defending the Right to Vote.  The preamble stated:

The integrity of representative elections as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States is the most vital pillar of our democracy. This element of democratic process is essential to a humane social order that respects the worth of persons and their right to participate in their own governance. Attempts to limit the right to vote and to add barriers to the free exercise of that right can erode citizen confidence that their elected officials can represent and act upon the will of the people. When the voices of the People are silenced, our Democracy perishes.

The Riverdale-Yonkers Society joins other Societies in working to Reclaim the Vote in 2020, handwriting and mailing postcards to our fellow citizens in states with a history of voter suppression.  This is part of the Center for Common Ground’s nonpartisan Reclaim Our Vote campaign.

If you would like to participate, by receiving a small packet of postcards, a list of addresses, and some stamps, to then address and mail, fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch about when to deliver the packet to you (with safe social distancing, of course).  When you’re done, you’ll report back, and if you like, request a new packet.

You can also donate towards this project at the American Ethical Union’s page describing the project.

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