Tough Talk: Abortion Ethics

It’s often difficult to talk fully and honestly about the ethics of abortion.  For those of us who believe that abortion is a private decision, airing publicly the experiences of those who are faced with such decisions is itself problematic. Leader Jone Johnson...

Lessons from Women’s History

Every time I present about the “Women of Ethical Culture” I am reminded of a general principle: that when we look at the history of any nation, culture, or movement from the perspective of the women or other historically-marginalized group, we see a more...

Leader’s Message: Liberation

What can “liberation” mean for us? In the 60’s women’s liberation was much discussed in my home community. This was my introduction to the term. My working mother was uneasy about the concept of women’s liberation because, in effect, she already felt “liberated” – and actually, pretty burdened by it.

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