Watch Past Sunday Programs

Our Sunday platform meetings often feature a speaker or special program.  Check here for a few past platform talks at the Society for Ethical Culture, in audio or video.

Also on this site: upcoming platform programs

Jan. 17, 2021: Freeing Our Imaginations (Jone Johnson Lewis)

Jan. 10, 2021: Indigenizing Environmental Justice (Dina Gilio-Whitaker)

Dec. 13, 2020: Creating Space For Justice (Jone Johnson Lewis)

Dec. 6, 2020: Moving On by Letting Go (Jone Johnson Lewis)

November 15, 2020: Understand 'Defund the Police' (Alex S. Vitale, guest speaker) -- Talk and Q&A session

Aug. 2 2020: The Lost Cause Unpacking a Myth that Pervades Our Culture (Jone Johnson Lewis)

July 22, 2018: Ethical Heroes, The Goldmark Sisters (Jone Johnson Lewis)

May 17/19, 2020: Is There a Tipping Point? (Jone Johnson Lewis)

May 10, 2020: Are You My Mother? (Jé Exodus Hooper)

May 3, 2020: On the Threshold (Jone Johnson Lewis)

April 26, 2020 Liberation and Responsibility (Jone Johnson Lewis)

April 19, 2020: Fragility of Life (Hugh Taft-Morales)

April 5, 2020: Liberation Ethics (Jone Johnson Lewis)

March 22, 2020: Climate Change Action (Jessica Haller)
Apologies that we missed the first few minutes of the talk in this recording.

March 8, 2020: Reclaiming Our Stories (Ginan Rauf)

March 1, 2020: 2020 Vision: Wisdom from 100 Years of Woman Suffrage (Jone Johnson Lewis)

February 23, 2020: Gender Equity Needed Right Now (Bruce Knotts)

February 16, 2020: How Resilience Works (Jone Johnson Lewis)

February 2, 2020: The Elusive Right to Vote (Jone Johnson Lewis)

January 19, 2020: Holy Humanism! (Jone Johnson Lewis)

January 5, 2020: The Practice of Integrity (Jone Johnson Lewis)

December 8, 2019: Awe and Reverence (Jone Johnson Lewis)

November 10, 2019: Can I Be Black and Humanist? (Christian Hayden)

November 17, 2019: In the Middle of Things, Begin (Eileen Brilliant)

October 27, 2019: Faitheist: Finding Our Common Humanity (Chris Stedman)

October 20, 2019: Ethical Living in the Face of Death (Dr. Jorge Piña and Karina Rieke)
September 22, 2019: What Does Justice Expect of Us? (Jone Johnson Lewis)

September 22, 2019: Banner Ceremony (with DuPree singing)
September 15, 2019: The Climate of Change (Jone Johnson Lewis)

Some older programs

The Problem With Apologies (Jone Lewis)
October 16, 2016: The Problem With Apologies
Jone Johnson Lewis: first RYSEC talk
A talk by Jone Johnson Lewis: this talk was Jone’s first at the Society since starting as our Leader in March 2015.
Surviving Evil: The Holocaust and Stephan H. Lewy
Surviving Evil: The Holocaust through the story of Stephan H. Lewy.

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