reusable grocery bag, words are Lets Get Rea - Its Gonna Take More than a Reusable Bag to Protect All Who Live On This PlanetThe Board at RYSEC has signed us on as a part of the coalition, NY Renews.  NY Renews includes more than 300 environmental, justice, labor, faith-based, and community groups, and works for climate justice and good jobs.


NY Renews – in the Riverdale Press, 8 Nov 2021

NY Renews – Spectrum News 10 Nov 2021

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If you’re a member of RYSEC and would like to get more involved in coordinating media and publicity or issues action connected with this coalition, and you’re not already involved on behalf another of the coalition partners, send an email to to volunteer.

NY Renews Points of Unity

1. We seek a sustainable future for the earth and its people. We believe that all people have a right to live and make a living on a living planet.

2. We recognize climate change represents a serious threat to all and especially to vulnerable people such as workers, people of color, seniors, youth, and the poor. Governments at all levels need to act now because the warming planet puts prosperity out of reach for far too many.

3. We understand that unchecked corporate power jeopardizes a sustainable future. We support democratic and public control of the energy and finance sectors so that private interests never compromise the health and well-being of workers and our communities.

4. We can address both the climate crisis and the inequality crisis with the same set of policies. As the impacts of climate change mount, the crises of inequality and democracy will continue to grow.

5. We support rapid movement toward 100% clean renewable energy. We know what must be done. We have to shift away from extracting and burning fossil fuels and towards a lower carbon economy and fast. It is imperative that we recognize and achieve the targets for greenhouse gas emission reduction that climate science requires.

6. Climate protection must serve as a means to greater economic justice and stronger local economies.

The jobs created by climate protection must be good jobs that respect workers’ right to organize. Jobs must be open and accessible to those who have been excluded from and discriminated against in the labor force. Likewise, small businesses and local economies should thrive in a new clean energy economy.

7. Climate protection must serve as a means to challenge environmental and racial injustice. We prioritize climate-vulnerable frontline communities and energy-insecure communities. Fairness and equity means the burden of policies that are necessary for society, like protecting the climate, shouldn’t be borne by a small minority who happen to be victimized by their side effects.

8. We must ensure economic security & job placement program for existing workers and young people. Workers employed in carbon-intensive industries should be guaranteed work in new industries and be provided strong social safety net benefits, including fully-funded retirement plans and free re-training opportunities. Young people benefit from career training for a wide-range of work opportunities in a clean energy future.

9. We must ensure community participation and oversight in decision making. To do that, there need to be resources and meaningful participation by community, labor, environmental justice, environmental, and other constituents.

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