Sometimes, the most effective way we can spend our time is to spend some money. More time than money? More money than time?  When you earn your money directly or indirectly through work, money is a kind of stored-up time.

Gloria Steinem once suggested that you can tell a person’s values by looking at their checkbook register: Where does the money go?  Yes, many are on tight budgets already. And yes, those with less income tend, on average, to give proportionately more than those with higher incomes – possibly because they’re more aware of the effectiveness and need of helping one another, directly or through organizations.
Give what’s right – and only you are the judge of that.

A basic reality of giving you may not know:

One larger contribution to one large organization is usually more effective than lots of small contributions to many organizations, unless you’re already on the mailing lists of those organizations or you intend to keep giving to the many. Why? A new contributor takes staff time and other costs to process, so some of your contribution goes to that. More of your contribution goes to the paper included in mass mailings.
New contributions of less than $50 often cost the organization more than your donation does, unless you later follow up with more contributions.  But if you can only make one contribution, and it’s less than $50, make it anyway.  You may be able to follow up another time.
Also consider a recurring, monthly donation – most websites provide that option. If you are not able to donate $50 in one lump, you might be able to commit to $5 per month for a year.

With so many choices, how do I choose?

Because there are so many ways in which human rights need to be defended and protected, probably any cause here that you give to (and many others not listed) will help contribute to the overall progress towards well-being and to the resistance against regression.
Do you want to contribute to local or global action, or anything in between?  What are you most passionate for?  What are you most afraid needs protection?  Is education or advocacy more important?  Where do you want to make your small difference?

Today: pick one (or more)

Below are a few issue areas where funds might be especially needed, to protect rights especially of the most vulnerable, and to promote forward motion where possible.  The websites will provide information for your wise selection.  Click the (+) sign at the right of each section to see more options.

Community of Ethical Support
  • If you support a particular political party, that party may need funding right now to help it get its act together.  There may be separate funds for the national party, for the organization that works to elect Senators, the organization that works to elect Congressional Representatives, the state organization, the local organization.

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