We invite you to visit and, after you get to know us a bit and decide that our values and yours are aligned, to join as a member.

Why Join? What Membership Means

You’re welcome to attend Sunday meetings and other events of the Society without becoming a member. Why would you then want to join?

Decisions about how the Society is run are the responsibility of members, in our democratically-organized structure.  Members, at formal meetings, elect the board and vote on important decisions. The board and staff have powers delegated to them by members, but ultimately, it is the members who control the future of the Society.

Would you like to see this Society continue to grow and thrive? To become ever more a force for social justice and personal ethical transformation, and an inspiring source of meaning? By becoming a member, you help to keep the Society alive and thriving. You help move it towards an effective future.  Just as past members have given a legacy to the current members, so current members leave their work to future generations. To learn more about the benefits of membership, see Benefits and Privileges of Membership below.

Members are expected to participate in sustaining the Society and moving it forward in two ways: pledging financially, within their means, and volunteering, again within their ability to do so.

How to Join

First, you’ll want to participate in several Sunday meetings or other activities of the Society.  Talk to some members, including our board members, our Leaders, our Director of Community Outreach and ask any questions you might have about the Society.

Make an appointment to talk to our Leader about membership.  The Leader will help answer any questions you have, and is interested in helping you figure out how best to be involved to find the experience of community that you are seeking.

The Leader or the office can provide you with a formal membership application when you’re ready to consider joining.  Return that to any board member or the office.

The board formally accepts new members at its monthly meeting, and then announces that new membership to the rest of the Society’s members.

We hope you’ll consider being part of building this Society’s future!

Benefits and Privileges of Membership

  • Members receive pastoral care from the Leader, as well as rites of passage (weddings, baby namings, memorial services) free of charge if officiated by the Leader.
  • Members receive discounts to RYSEC social events, concerts, etc.
  • After large renters, members have priority use of the building, with a highly discounted rate.
  • Members may be invited by the Leader to give a Platform or lead a Colloquy.
  • Members can participate in the American Ethical Union’s Lay Leadership Summer School, and RYSEC may be able to offer scholarships.
  • Members have the ability to be decision makers and organizers for the Society, building it to become a strong center of ethics in the community. The following are ways that members can be involved in the Society’s activities:
    • Connect with local social justice organizations and organize Ethical Action initiatives
    • Organize seasonal festivals and special events at the Society
    • Host social events such as Members’ Night
    • Facilitate small group programs that enrich the community
    • Serve on committees, such as the Membership, Ethical Action, or Ethical Education Committee
    • Serve on the Board


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