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For March 2022, we are sharing our Sunday contributions with the NORTHWEST BRONX COALITION FOR REFUGEES, a newly formed coalition of Bronx organizations and individuals committed to enabling and supporting the settlement of an Afghan refugee family in our area.

Countless acts of kindness, philanthropy, and personal support by volunteers throughout the United States have helped settle 80,000 of the 100,000 Afghans who were fortunate to escape the turmoil in their homeland. Yet, what about the remaining 20,000 Afghans who are still waiting their turn in temporary living situations on US military bases here and scattered in other countries? The urgency to release these refugees is great, and volunteers in the NORTHWEST BRONX COALITION FOR REFUGEES are working to meet the need

Working with HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), and with an expected microgrant from the Westchester Jewish Coalition for Immigration (WJCI), the coalition is sponsoring, and are almost ready to accept, a family that we will provide with: 1) a furnished apartment; 2) transportation assistance; 3) assistance in applying for government support; 4) links to education for the children; 5) initial job assistance; and, so much more for at most the first year of their resettlement.

This will take enormous volunteer hours and approximately $25,000-$40,000 depending on the family size. The family will receive some initial limited financial support from the government but that will not come close to meeting the family’s basic needs.

Please join our efforts by making a financial commitment to support this volunteer resettlement effort either directly or via our Sunday Sharing.

  • $25 = one week’s supply of household and personal care products
  • $65 = one day’s rent for a family sized apartment
  • $100 = support for one month of utility expenses
  • $250 = helps families provide healthy food for their children
  • $500 = one week’s rent for a family sized unit (based on $2,000/month rent)

Please be generous.  Because we are still not all meeting in person, you can contribute online or send a check to the RYSEC office.

Please mark your check or online donation “Sunday Sharing,” to be sure it’s split between our sharing partner and support for the programs of the Society. Checks may be mailed to: RYSEC, 4450 Fieldston Road, Riverdale, NY 10471.

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