The latest tragedies in Buffalo and Uvalde have drawn our attention once again to the need to make changes to reduce gun violence.  Such mass shootings not only leave many dead, but leave families and friends to mourn, and more victims fighting for recovery or adjustment to lifelong effects, mental and physical.  And leave many of the rest of us feeling hopeless and fearful.

But gun violence is an everyday occurrence, too. Almost half of Americans personally know someone who has been shot. On an average day, more than 110 people in the US are killed with guns, more than 200 are wounded by being shot.  The United States has a gun homicide rate 25 times higher than other developed countries.  Gun-related suicides outnumber gun-related homicides.

For June 2022, for our monthly sharing partner, we are responding to the many calls to be involved in ending gun violence.  We will be sharing our Sunday contributions with the Center for Gun Violence Solutions at Johns Hopkins University, which looks at gun violence as a public health issue.  The organization conducts rigorous research and uses advocacy to implement evidence-based, equitable policies and programs that will prevent gun violence in our communities.  Their experts provide resources for more accurate and complete media reporting, and also provide testimony and expert opinion in active efforts for gun violence prevention.  They advocate for behavior change and policy change.

We also recommend that individuals give some time to efforts to make change in a culture which prioritizes gun rights over human rights.  You can support one of many organizations that work for practical and possible stricter gun laws, and you can work to increase voter turnout so that more voices are heard in making the kind of that most in the US support.

We have usually coordinated our June sharing with Pride Month, and this year will share with LGBTQIA+ organizations in other months, in order to respond to the calls for more immediate attention to gun violence.

Please be generous as we make our collective voice heard via a concrete contribution.  Because we are not always and all of us meeting in person, you can contribute online or send a check to the RYSEC office.

Please mark your check or online donation “Sunday Sharing,” to be sure it’s split between our sharing partner and support for the programs of the Society. Checks may be mailed to: RYSEC, 4450 Fieldston Road, Riverdale, NY 10471.

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