Undone By Women

Women in the United States were granted suffrage less than a century ago and still do not have an Equal Rights Amendment. Throughout our history, we have left our homes and taken to the streets to demand the vote, choice over our own bodies, to be seen and heard. Every generation of mothers tries to leave her daughters a better world. Yet time and again we are thwarted by misogynist forces. The legacy of the second Women’s March on January 20th, fueled by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, must be to unite and undo these forces once and for all.

Anne Klaeysen is an Ethical Culture Leader serving the NY Society for Ethical Culture, Columbia University, and New York University. She holds a Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling from Hebrew Union College and Masters degrees in business administration from NYU and German from SUNY Albany. Anne also serves on the boards of The Encampment for Citizenship and Sunday Assembly NYC.


March theme: Balance.  What does it mean to be a person of balance?  What does it mean to be a community of balance?

11 a.m. is gathering time, to meet and greet one another.  We start the formal program at 11:15 and usually end about 12:30.  After that, we have a time of informal conversation with some beverages and snacks.  Please feel free to bring some snacks to share!

Music by Lindsey Wilson.


Mar 18 2018


America/New York
11:00 am
Meeting House


Meeting House
4450 Fieldston Road, The Bronx, NY 10471


  • Dr. Anne Klaeysen
    Dr. Anne Klaeysen
    Leader Emerita, NY Society for Ethical Culture; Ethical Humanist Religious Life Adviser, Columbia University; and Humanist Spiritual Life Adviser, New York University

    Anne Klaeysen retired as clergy leader of the NY Society for Ethical Culture two years ago but continues to serve the campuses of Columbia University and New York University as chaplain. She is also co-chair of The Encampment for Citizenship and serves on the board of Ethical Culture Fieldston Schools. She holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Hebrew Union College and masters degrees in German from SUNY Albany and business administration from NYU. She is a member of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture where she was married and raised her two children.


The Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture is located near the Fieldston Ethical Culture School campus in the Bronx. Click for a map to find directions:

Directions to the Ethical Society

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