June 16, 2019 @ 11:00 am
Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture
4450 Fieldston Rd
Bronx, NY 10471
Most weeks, voluntary donations are split between the work of the Society and an organization whose work in the world honors human worth.

There’s an old ethical argument, that beauty distracts us from fairness and justice. It often seems like we have to make a choice: save the world, or savor the world.  Is it wasting our time to take a walk in the woods instead of writing one more letter to a decision-maker?  Is it wasting our time to participate in one more march or demonstration when we could be stopping to smell the flowers?

At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint or even remember it. It is enough. No record of it needs to be kept and you don’t need someone to share it with or tell it to. – Toni Morrison in Tar Baby

One regret dear world, that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough. – Hafiz of Persia

In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty. – Phil Ochs

In difficult times, carry something beautiful in your heart. – Blaise Pascal

Spend all you have for loveliness, / Buy it and never count the cost… – Sara Teasdale

Bees on a flower against a green background

Image by Jone Johnson Lewis, 2010

Our Leader, Jone Johnson Lewis, will reflect on the relationship between ethics and beauty.  The photo on this page is one that Jone took when stopping to smell, and really look at, the flowers.

Music by Lindsey Wilson.

Our Ethics Matters theme for June is beauty: the practice of savoring life’s gifts and appreciating inner beauty in ourselves and others.

11 a.m. is gathering time, to meet and greet one another.  We start the formal program at 11:15 and usually end about 12:30.  After that, we have a time of informal conversation with some beverages and snacks.  Please feel free to bring some snacks to share!  

Ethics for Children meets concurrently with our Sunday programs. Please join us!

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