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Reflecting Goliath to David: Confronting Power and Powerlessness

What does it mean to be a Jewish activist working toward a free Palestine alongside liberation for his own people? Elliot Beck, a Jewish activist and music teacher, will share his personal experiences standing against the displacement of Palestinians in the West Bank to explore collective liberation and how these experiences have shaped his organizing. Elliot began this journey when his life took an unexpected turn and he moved to Tel Aviv to join the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in 2015. From the inside out, he learned from Palestinians and their Israeli allies about their struggle to remain steadfast in their communities on their land. Elliot is an activist and leader with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence and lives in Philadelphia.

Sunday Sharing

Contributions to "Sunday Sharing" are shared between RYSEC and this month's sharing partner as we try to contribute to making a more humane world.  This month, we focus on an organization that is trying to save some environmentally-sensitive forest land in New York, with sacred landmarks from Native American heritage.


Oct 09 2022


10:30 am

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