July 26, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
Most weeks, voluntary donations are split between the work of the Society and an organization whose work in the world honors human worth.

We’re visiting the St. Louis Society, along with other Ethical Societies.

“Boomers are racist and out of touch!” “Millennials and shrill and self-important!” Recently, it seems like generational divides have been worsening, as the political, economic, and cultural differences between people in different age cohorts become more extreme. But what is the validity of taking a generational approach to human behavior? Are people really defined by their generational cohort as much as is commonly assumed? And what does this mean for the potential of cross-generational solidarity? James will explore these questions and more as examines the promise – and the peril – of generational thinking.

Zoom login information: Meeting ID 384 422 5785

Program begins at 12 noon ET.  Arrive a bit early to be sure you’re there when it starts.

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