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The Path of Love: Loving Humanity

This month, with Valentine’s Day a few days before this program, we have been bombarded with images of romantic love and of falling in love, and so it’s appropriate to talk as well about different kinds of love. The idea of a broader love goes back to the ancients: Plato suggested that “Love is the pursuit of the whole.”

“Justice is what love looks like in public, just like tenderness is what love feels like in private,” to quote Dr. Cornel West. What does it mean to love those we’ve never met and likely never will meet? To love those who are different from us? Is it possible to love all of humanity? Can love move our world towards goodness?

RYSEC Leader Jone Johnson Lewis will explore love as feeling and love as action, and how our longing for wholeness, expressed as love, can move us towards more connection, more justice, more goodness.

Consider bringing some snacks to share if you’re coming in person. (There are 3 oz paper cups in the kitchen if you want to divide the snacks into single servings for safer sharing.)

In-Person and Zoom

Most of the participation will happen in person.  The children’s program will meet downstairs, and grown-ups are invited to attend in person. We will also include Zoom participation for those unwilling or unable to join us in person. We may adapt plans depending on the COVID-19 pandemic risk levels for hospital patients with COVID.

We begin the program promptly at 10:30 am ET, with gathering time from 10:15 both in-person and on Zoom.  We will try to end by 11:45. In-person social hour follows. The Zoom room will be open until noon for a bit of socializing.

Refrain from attending any in-person meeting if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are testing positive. We recommend vaccinations and boosters (over age 5). While the risk level is medium, we suggest but do not require (for other than the speaker while speaking) a mask covering mouth and nose when inside.  Please respect the needs of others and yourself for social distance — air hugs and air handshakes unless you KNOW the other person is comfortable otherwise. We ask that you sanitize your hands before handling any shared food or drink.

Ethics for Children: Our in-person children’s program has resumed as of September, 2022 (also subject to checking COVID-19 hospitalization levels). The children will join the grown-ups for the beginning of the program upstairs.


Feb 19 2023


10:30 am

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Families at Meeting House, Other Adults on Zoom
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  • Jone Johnson Lewis
    Jone Johnson Lewis

    Jone Johnson Lewis serves the Society as Leader (clergyperson). She has been an Ethical Culture Leader since 1991, and has been at Riverdale-Yonkers since 2015. She speaks at the Society once or twice a month, bringing together current issues, personal challenges, and ethical ideas.


The Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture is located near the Fieldston Ethical Culture School campus in the Bronx. Click for a map to find directions:

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