How Are You? (Taking That Question Seriously)

In most languages, some version of “How are you?” is a common social greeting. We mostly treat it as just a mantra exchanged, and only with close friends, if then, do we treat it seriously. RYSEC Leader Jone Johnson Lewis will reflect on why this is such a common custom, and what we might find if we took that question more seriously with more people.


Oct 11 2015


America/New York
11:00 am


  • Jone Johnson Lewis
    Jone Johnson Lewis

    Jone Johnson Lewis serves the Society as Leader (clergyperson). She has been an Ethical Culture Leader since 1991, and has been at Riverdale-Yonkers since 2015. She speaks at the Society once or twice a month, bringing together current issues, personal challenges, and ethical ideas.


The Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture is located near the Fieldston Ethical Culture School campus in the Bronx. Click for a map to find directions:

Directions to the Ethical Society

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