December 5, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Meeting House
4450 Fieldston Rd
The Bronx, NY 10471
Jone Johnson Lewis

How to Be an Antiracist
Author: Ibram X. Kendi

Whether or not you’ve read Kendi’s previous book, Stamped From the Beginning, you’ll find this book helpful in understanding racism in America and what we each can do about it.   It will also help you in learning how to better talk about racism and anti-racism to others.

ibram X. Kendi;civil rights;personal memoir;social science;activism;books for activists;feminismKendi’s title encompasses his main thesis: simply not being racist isn’t enough. Instead, we can actively choose to be “antiracist,” working to undo racism and its component polices in order to build an equitable society. Race is not a biological fact, a mirage: it assigns an identity by skin color and then treats individuals according to those identities.  Racism directs attention away from harmful, inequitable policies and turns that attention on the people harmed by those policies.

We will also consider what future books we may want to read together.

Organizers of this book discussion come from several different faith communities in the community.  Please join us!

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