Ethics Matters
September 2020 – June 2021
Each month, we explore an ethical theme, through Sunday platforms, small groups, thoughtful writings.  Join us as we look at personal transformation, interpersonal relationships, and social justice, through these ten themes.
Coffee in a cup labeled Begin, with a laptop in soft focus next to it, on a wooden surface.


September:  How do you renew yourself?  How do communities renew themselves? How do we balance tradition and heritage with change and progress?

Deep Listening

October: Whether it’s the still, small voice within, the voices of the unheard, voices of those we love, or voices of those we disagree with or fear, how do we change, how does the world change when we listen differently?
Close-up Of A Man Trying To Hear
Man pulling curtain of darkness to reveal a new better world. Change.


November: In a world of hurt and rage, how do we heal the divisions, within our communities, within our nation, within ourselves?


December:  At the darkest season of the world, amidst confusion and even chaos, how do we still our minds and bodies?  What might we touch in that stillness?
Ideas escape from brain of pensive african man


January: As the New Year begins, how can we use our imaginations to help create a world that is more livable, loving, just, and peaceful?

Beloved Community

February: What is “beloved community”?  Why is it important in this modern world?  How do we build it?
The concept of a love relationship between people. Hands interacts with a heart on a background of sunny sunset.


March: a revolutionary love requires not just an open heart, open eyes, and open ears, but a willingness to commit.  Without commitment, ideals are just ideas.


April: What are we becoming? How do we shape the unfolding of the future, for ourselves and for our world?
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May: the stories we tell shape how we think and how we act.  What stories inspire goodness and justice?  What stories take us away from our better selves, and what stories take us towards them?


June: The “good life” includes play. When does play enhance and when does it detract from our ethical relationships, our work for justice?  How does play influence ethics, and how does ethics influence our play?
Cute diverse kids playing with hula hoops

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