Ethics Matters

ETHICS - Glowing Neon Sign on stonework wall

Learning to live in accord with our values is a lifelong project!  Each month, September through June, we focus on a theme, which we collectively call Ethics Matters.  Groups for adults are able to explore these ideas in novel ways, and by meeting together, we learn from each other’s journeys.We currently have two groups active, as part of our Ethical Living programming.  All are welcome to participate, whether you’re a member of the Society or not.  Please register at a calendar link (below).

Writers Group

Each month, September through June, you’ll get a packet via email with writing prompts.  Try your hand at reflective writing on the general topic, using the prompts for ideas and inspiration.  Then on the third Tuesday evening, we’ll meet on Zoom to share some of our writing of the month, and listen to each other’s writing journey.  This is NOT a critique group but one meant to support each other as we explore and experiment.

You can write in any form you want: prose or poetry, by hand or on your computer or other device or on a typewriter.  Let one of the writing prompts inspire you, then bring a few paragraphs (what can be read in about a minute) to share.

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The Creative Path

So often, our programming is about talking, with a bit of music.  Let’s push our own boundaries!  Each month, September through June, you’ll get a packet of prompts that might inspire a creativity project, large or small at your discretion, on the theme of the month.  You’re invited to share the project (if you want!), at a Creativity table on platform Sundays, and we also have an optional Zoom meeting of about an hour late in the month to reflect together on our process and projects.

Respond to whatever captures your imagination, and however you want to express your creativity.  You might journal in words or images, write a poem, take a photo, make a collage of your own photos or your “found” images, make a video, create a painting or object, embroider or bead or weave, prepare a relevant dish to share with family or community, decorate a part of your home: whatever you’re interested in doing.  Push yourself a bit outside your comfort zone and see what happens!

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