Learning and Ethical Action for Families (L.E.A.F.)

Facilitator: Jackie Davis

Our Learning and Ethical Action for Families (L.E.A.F.) program offers workshops for children—and their big people—to learn about and work on a social justice topic. Our goal is to help grow engaged and conscientious families. Participants will explore a topic of pressing concern to the fair treatment of people and the planet, and engage in an action to make an impact on the problem. This program meets one Sunday per month. L.E.A.F. also features a monthly Earth Avengers program on Saturdays, when children can wear capes and act as superheroes to clean up our community.

Topics and Schedule

Jackie Jackie Davis websiteDavis is a member of the Society for Ethical Culture. She has an LMSW and has worked in the public schools for 13 years as a music teacher, counselor, and advisor to older students on the college process. The current state of the world makes her think that the best chance our species will have is to work together to make enormous changes. Jackie co-parents two young boys with her partner J.C.


Exploring Ethics

Exploring Ethics meets 2-3 Sundays per month. This program aims to teach children to be kind and fair, and to take responsibility for creating a better world. We show each child how to elicit the best from themselves, create and sustain caring relationships, and develop social responsibility. Children learn ethical values through stories, games, art, discussions, and free play.

Topics and Schedule


Multigenerational Platforms

Hosts: Jone Johnson Lewis & Liz Collier

One Sunday per month, children and adults will join together upstairs in our meeting room. We will explore a topic or theme, often tied to a holiday or season, using music, stories, discussion, art, and good food. These events will be multigenerational Platforms, in place of our regular Sunday morning Platforms. Additional childcare will be available.

Topics and Schedule

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We offer Ethics for Children with free registration and no set participation fee. We welcome contributions to help sustain our programs. Contributions help to hire our teachers and purchase necessary materials. We appreciate your generosity.


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