Democracy: Extend and Defend

Democracy word in handwriting with an arrow, graffiti on a wall.

A core value of our Society is the use of democracy in human relations — from family to friendships to our own organization to the wider world, including in politics.  We have never been a nation that extended full democratic inclusion in decision-making, but we have at times moved towards more democracy or towards less.  Our Society has supported a variety of actions and projects to recognize where democracy needs to be defended or extended.  We have supported nonpartisan voter registration and voter turnout projects, and we have hosted (ourselves or with partners) candidate and issue forums so that voters are more informed.

Since 2020, that has included active support of Reclaim the Vote, a project sponsored in conjunction with the NAACP to register and get out the vote in areas that have historically been less able to vote.

Photo credit: 145011771 © Thomas Reimer –

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