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RYSEC is a member of the NYRenews coalition, which is asking that people add public comments on the NY state plan for climate action.  In this case, the comments are regarding use of biomass as a substitute for fossil fuels.

According to NYRenews:

  1. Biomass as a substitute for fossil fuels is a false solution and should not be in the final scoping plan. Biomass harvest would reduce the capacity of New York’s forest from acting as a carbon sink.
  2. Not harvesting biomass as a substitute for fossil fuels means that an intact forest also preserves the full ecosystem of that forest, including the wildlife habitat.
  3. Preserve the climate benefits of keeping a forest as a forest.
  4. Not burning biomass as a substitute for fossil fuel also means that we are not perpetuating our reliance on fossil fuel pipelines and infrastructure.
  5. Competition for the finite land area to grow products—food crops that feed our state and nation—must be a top priority.
  6. Ecosystem conservation will also translate to benefits for human health, water, and air quality and for those living in near forests or visitors, helps to improve mental health.
  7. Combustion of biomass will lead to increased air emissions and impacts to public health.

You can submit a public comment via this commenting tool, which includes a draft letter you can use or edit or replace.

Each action counts!


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