For safety, events are for now (unless otherwise specified) via Zoom.  Each event should have Zoom login or registration information.  We look forward to meeting you in person when it is safe!

Oct 4 @ 11:00 am
Listen From the Heart
11:00 am
How is deep listening different from just plain listening?  Deep listening includes listening from the heart, instead of from self-interest.  Deep listening is when we are able to hear another’s feelings, their human needs, without[...]
Listening to Your Inner Voice
11:00 am
In a loud and busy world, we sometimes forget to listen for the still, small voice of wisdom within.  But how do we know if that voice is not just part of the echo chamber? [...]
What Is It That America Has Failed to Hear?
11:00 am
This has been a year distinguished by many events, including social unrest and protests against racial violence.  A strong critique has been raised over how the demonstrations are carried out.  Some call them riots, though[...]

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