Jul 19 @ 11:00 am
Poetry Sunday
11:00 am
You’re invited to join the Long Island Ethical Humanist Society as we share summer programming.   If you love poetry or are a poet yourself and would like to share your work, please join Long Island[...]
"OK Boomer!” – The Promise and Peril of Generational Thinking
12:00 pm
We’re visiting the St. Louis Society, along with other Ethical Societies. “Boomers are racist and out of touch!” “Millennials and shrill and self-important!” Recently, it seems like generational divides have been worsening, as the political,[...]
The Lost Cause: Unpacking a Myth that Pervades Our Culture
11:00 am
In the last few years, there have been many conversations about the memorials that loom over city streets and public parks, that are carved into mountainsides, that are supposed to honor dead heroes or past[...]
I’ve Come This Far By Faith
3:00 pm
Jé Hooper A bonus platform meeting this week, as the American Ethical Union presents its annual AEU Assembly Platform Meeting.  Jé Hooper, Leader, is featured in this program. More information to be added, closer to the[...]
Real World Critical Thinking
11:00 am
What we think we know about critical thinking skills often “just ain’t so.”  The ability to be clear and rational about what we do and what we believe is a valuable life skill, and a[...]
Past Results are Not a Guarantee of Future Performance
11:00 am
Richard Koral This Sunday, we’re joining with the New York Society for Ethical Culture for the morning platform meeting. Richard Koral, Leader, will speak on the legacy and potential of Ethical Culture. Meeting Room ID:[...]

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