For several years, the Society hosted and many members were active in a racial justice book group.  That group saw the end of its life cycle during the time we moved to Zoom during the pandemic.

Are you interested in being part of another such group, with a bit broader mission, to expand our perspectives and understand the diversity among people in the world?  Certainly that understanding is a part of the vision of racial justice and anti-racism.  How do we try to see the world in ways that we may not be used to?  How do we move beyond our own view, especially if we’re part of the majority culture, and see the world through other eyes? How do we acknowledge and work to dismantle the obstacles to peace and justice in a society which includes people of many cultures and experiences?

A book which is being published March 14, 2023,  as a Kindle book, looks like a good book for a new beginning, given what has worked well with the group that met before.  Miguelito’s confession is fiction, recounting the life of an Afro-Cuban man, Miguelito, and his father, Manuel.  From a description of the book:

Miguelito’s story begins with being an “illegal immigrant,” living in the shadows of whiteness. We explore his life growing up in the slums of New York City, the toll poverty takes on immigrant children, the violence he encountered for being a Latino, lessons he learns from a gay neighbor on how to be a gentlemen during his first date with Silvia, the juxtaposition of going to a Catholic school by day and worshipping African gods by night, and his ultimate success within the academy as a professor, even though he was never accepted as an equal by his white colleagues.

RYSEC Leader Jone Johnson Lewis says of the author, “I have heard Miguel de la Torre speak several times, and have read essays and other non-fiction writing by him.  He never fails to challenge my worldview and perspective, and to broaden it to let in what he has learned from his quite different origins and experience of life.”

In recommending this book, she continues, “This book promises to look at the institutionalized violence and discrimination that are obstacles to the culture of peace and justice that most of us want to be part of creating. And without understanding and facing those realities, it will be unlikely that we will be able to effectively move towards more peace and justice in our world.”

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Would you like to be part of such a group?  If so, please respond by filling out the survey below (and don’t forget to click on Submit!).  That will help us judge if there’s enough interest to proceed, and even help us figure out when is the best time to schedule and whether to meet on Zoom or in-person.

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