Alternative Futures

Brueggemann, a Protestant Biblical scholar and theologian, stood for religion as providing a alternative narrative to forces of nationalism, militarism, and consumerism. While I do not share his Christian faith, I do share his basic commitment to the idea that in order to make change, we need counter-narratives to “this is how it is and how it always shall be.”

Imagining Democracy

Thursday, January 7, 2021 Like many others, I was glued to watching and reading news yesterday.  I woke up celebrating that the turnout in Georgia was so large. I could not go to sleep until the certification process was finished. Do I think democracy is dead because...

A Time to Imagine New Ways

As the New Year begins, how can we use our imaginations to help create a world that is more livable, loving, just, and peaceful?

Pick Your Focus Word

Sometimes, we need to get new ideas from outside our own minds, as a starting point, an inspiration. Use this tool to pick a word to focus on — whether for a new year, a month, a week, a day. Below is a “click me” button. If you click it, the website...

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