word cloud of words related to Racism, which is the most prominent word, grunge shades of red on white

The Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture is committed to working to dismantle and heal the racism in our American and world culture.  Our antiracism actions have included:

  • support of annual community education events around Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • support of organizations working to make Black Lives Matter
  • committing ourselves publicly to working for racial equity with the display of a Black Lives Matter banner, and a pride flag that explicitly includes black and brown stripes to recognize the special challenges for queer people of color
  • regular speakers to educate ourselves and others on related antiracism and antioppression issues
  • participating in actions and protests against the extrajudicial killing of Black men and women
  • supporting the founding of the North Bronx Racial Justice organization
  • workshops for adults and curriculum for children that is racially inclusive and educates about how to be actively antiracist
  • hosting a book discussion group on antiracism, history of racism, and related topics of racial justice
  • commitment to inclusiveness, welcoming, and diversity within our own community, including continued examination of our own operations and internal culture

Image credit: © Kheng Ho Toh, used by license

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