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We help our members and visitors live a more ethical life by inspiring growth, sharing ethical values, cultivating ethics in their children, and translating ideals into a better world through social justice and community-building activism.


Sunday Gatherings

We call our weekly Sunday gatherings Platform Meetings.  We gather to hear inspiring and stimulating ideas about social issues, ethical living and personal transformation.  Find out more, including a calendar of upcoming Sunday topics:  Sunday Meetings

What is Ethical Culture?

Ethical Culture is a way of life that fosters reverence by nurturing life, building connections, and living as fully as we are able. It is not about right beliefs, but right actions. It is a call to be human, not to be perfect. It is remembrance and awareness of our infinite interrelation with all being. Through this conscious choice to live, we may renew our world, and the world of our children. We have a faith in the caring capacity of ourselves and others, and we seek to learn and practice ways of being together that make the ethical life possible and enjoyable.

Space Sharing

A big celebration coming up? Planning a large party? Apartment too small to hold your event? Our Society’s meeting room can be the solution. Arrange with our office a plan for your special event. Our lovely Society meeting room is a great place to hold a celebration! For weddings, memorials, and other life passage ceremonies, you can bring your own officiant, or arrange for the services of our Leader to officiate. Inquire about availability.

Ethics for Children

Our Ethics for Children program helps children develop skills, values and knowledge to help them live more ethical lives, now and as they grow. Find out more about the program: Ethics for Children

Ethical Action

In its history, this Society has been part of creating institutions that serve our neighbors’ needs. We support human rights and human responsibility through informed and compassionate action.  More: Ethical Action

Ethical Living

The “good life” — a personally fulfilling life and a life engaged in good works — is fostered in community and is a lifelong learning journey. So, we host groups, workshops and classes that help us develop individually to live more ethically. More here: Ethical Living and Learning

Events at RYSEC

Sunday platforms, discussion groups, social justice meetings, community events and more!

Upcoming Sunday Morning Meetings

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