Dear Friends,

We have a president-elect who has promised to “…take particular aim at the Clean Water Act” (N.D. congressperson Kevin Cramer). Mr. Trump also paid for advertisements that characterized Native Americans who wanted to build New York State casinos as “menacing criminals.” Racism and environmental devastation march hand-in-hand. In North Dakota our sisters and brothers are courageously facing down the menace of fossil fuel water destruction. We must stand with them!

James G. White

James G. White

On September 15th, three members of the Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture helped to lead our Bronx Climate Justice North (BCJN) to organize a rally and march of over fifty allies in solidarity with the struggle at Standing Rock. In collaboration with leaders and members of the Taino nation who led a centering ceremony and spoke eloquently, we demonstrated against the Bronx branches of the banks that are funding the “menacing criminal” pipeline. Included in the action were members of a local senior center, several churches, and a new neighborhood organization—all of whom pledged to work with us in an ongoing effort.

Subsequently, a BCJN Facebook call has launched an action for the afternoon and evening of Tuesday, November 15th in front of the headquarters of the Army Corps of Engineers at Foley Square in Manhattan. Knowing that this is the one federal agency that could still stop the pipeline, over a thousand activists have responded promising to be there with us!

There has never been a more urgent time to redouble our work in ethical action. Let’s be in regular touch to deliberate, to plan, and to organize!

In Hope,
Jim White, Leader Emeritus

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