August 13, 2017 @ 11:00 am
Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture
4450 Fieldston Rd
Bronx, NY 10471
Most weeks, voluntary donations are split between the work of the Society and an organization whose work in the world honors human worth.
Resisting Divide and Conquer @ Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture | New York | United States

We value difference and yet difference can be used as a tool to divide. From the beginnings of this country’s history — and before that, of course, in other parts of the world — “divide and conquer” was a strategy of the powerful to keep others from challenging their power.  Systemic racism, built on a strategy of “divide and conquer,” is a key example.

The answer won’t be to act as though differences don’t exist. Leader Jone Johnson Lewis will draw some lessons from history and from community organizing to address how we honor and respect difference while we resist and transcend tactics of “divide and conquer” including our own tendencies to say “this injustice is more real than that one is” or even “we can’t address that injustice until we are done fixing this other injustice.”

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